Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral intermediary – a mediator – conducts discussions among the parties designed to enable them to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement among themselves on all or any part of disputed issues. Mediation is most commonly conducted in civil lawsuits of all types and at all phases through final appeal, although it can also be useful to resolve disputes before litigation commences to avoid litigation altogether, or completely separate and apart from the litigation process.

James Sperring and Matt Cline are both Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 mediators.

Mr. Sperring is a Rule 31 Family Law Mediator trained to assist couples in resolving divorce and other family law disputes. His experience representing clients in all manner of divorce and family law matters and litigating complex health care liability actions have equipped Mr. Sperring with the skills necessary to untangle even the most difficult personal and legal issues. As a mediator, Mr. Sperring’s focus on empathetic problem solving is directed at finding a solution that works for both parties, avoids unnecessary litigation expenses, and preserves relationships as much as possible.

Mr. Cline is a Rule 31 Civil Mediator trained to mediate all other types of civil disputes. As part of his law practice, Mr. Cline has represented clients in cases as simple as a two-party car accident all the way up to the most complex federal multi-district litigation involving parties and lawyers from across the country. His experience spans relatively simple breach of contract actions, construction law, commercial litigation, and administrative proceedings. His work representing clients in such a wide variety of legal proceedings honed his ability to understand all sides of a dispute, analyze the most nuanced of legal and factual details, and consider the long-term legal and personal consequences of a decision made today. Mr. Cline believes applying these skills to mediation is an excellent methodology for resolving cases efficiently by agreement rather than through expensive litigation.

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